No resurrection out of the lake of fire!

Isaiah 66…..

Shows that the wicked will be looked upon by others. It is taking place on the new earth at specified times.

The wicked will be used as a warning to not sin against God Almighty in the future.

Paul told how others among the dead – have no hope.

The wicked dead shall never see light.

shall not enter into the kingdom of God

but the righteous hath hope in his death

till the pit be digged for the wicked

the angels that sinned -cast them down into hell

outer darkness

there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth

at the end of this world – the angels shall gather out all things that offend –

eternal hell

furnace of fire

mist of darkness

blackness/ reserved – forever

tormented by this flame

place of torment

no mercy

no love

no forgiveness

God will have indignation against the wicked in Edom – forever

Edom’s land will become burning pitch and brimstone.

Edom’s land will be called the border of wickedness.

the rest shall hear and fear – and obey…sin no more

if…offend thee – cut it off – or you can’t enter into life/ as in your soul is doomed

People at the end of Isaiah 66 that are just are not looking at part of themselves in the lake of fire.

prepared for the devil and his angels

asked – if they were going to be tormented early/ destroyed

on the saints – from generation to generation

The punishment/punishing, trouble lasts as long as God is angry.

ye shall die in your sins

if ye believe not that He is the Christ that as promised to come, and will come again.

Where Jesus Christ was going, there were some told that they cannot come….as they will die in their sins.

He told His disciples – that they will follow Him there – to where the Father is.

Your name must be found written in the book of life/ or you will not enter into the kingdom of God.

God does not later have the names of the wicked written back into the book of life.